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ShanQi (ShangHai)Machinery CO.,LTD
Add:No. 6558 Ting Wei Road Jinshan Industrial Zone Shanghai
SQ-C high-speed solventless laminating machine
Pro Info
Solvent-free laminating machine Overview:
This machine is suitable for two-component (one-component) solvent-free adhesives for film, aluminum foil, tissue paper and other materials for the production of environmentally friendly energy-saving composite high-tech products. High-speed solventless laminating machine fully absorb Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and other European leading manufacturers of advanced design concepts in the design. Equipment for each transfer roll coating head, the main components of the composite coating roll roll were purchased from Taiwan to cooperate factory assembled to ensure the accuracy and coated mechanical precision coating head. Equipment using Siemens PLC control system with high control accuracy, coating evenly, tension stability, user-friendly interface, etc., all electrical and pneumatic components are used in high-end imported machine to ensure that the overall performance of the original equipment.